The Future of All The News That’s Fit to Print…

…will be crowdsourced? Shaped by an ongoing, online marketing survey?

The New York Times Insight Lab wants youTimes readers 18 and older— to provide “feedback about the future” of the paper. All you have to do is “take the initial survey, and you could be in!” Per the Lab’s FAQ page, “This is your outlet to tell the New York Times what you really think” (not your personal anti-NYT blog and not the comments section of your least favorite Times columnist). In return for sharing your feedback and opinions through monthly surveys and the like, you will “gain a sneak preview of new Times projects.”

UPDATE: After answering a series of predictable questions (how do you read the Times, how old are you, etc.), I’m “in!” (along with, apparently, over 3,000 others so far). Checking out the “Brainstorming on NYT” discussion —one of the more popular forums with 19 comments thus far; “Paying for Online NYT” has 88 comments— I can report that the NYT Lab Moderator has at least once used an emoticon.

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.