The Headline You’re Dealt

Maybe I was distracted by something in Howard Kurtz’s piece about how the Obama administration is reaching out to “minority [media] outlets.” (Something like… when Rahm Emanuel confirms for Kurtz that “Hispanic outlets cover much of the same ground as other media organizations,” or when Kurtz writes that “the challenge for minority journalists is not to slip into the role of cheerleaders.”) In any case, I didn’t notice the poorly chosen headline on the piece: “Obama Plays Ethnic Card.”

As Eric Boehlert writes:

Why on earth would the Post opt to play off the incredibly loaded and incendiary phrase ‘playing the race card’ for a headline to a pedestrian article about how the White House is simply granting interviews to Telemundo and company?

Didn’t we get enough playing-of-cards during the campaign season?

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.