‘The Most Inaccessible Story I Have Ever Covered’

At The Huffington Post, Danny Shea writes up an interview with Bill Hemmer, who arrived in Port-au-Prince yesterday to cover the earthquake for Fox News. Hemmer describes the situation as “the most inaccessible story I have ever covered,” and adds: “It’s inaccessible in so many ways: our ability to communicate, our ability to move around, our ability to get information.”

Hemmer compares covering the earthquake to two other stories in recent years, Hurricane Katrina and the 2006 war in Lebanon. Those analogies, though, have their limits:

“Katrina was challenging because there was standing water all over an American city which made it tough to get around and tough to bring in supplies,” he said. “Here it’s the nature of the country. The backbone of Haiti is a mess. Haiti was a tough place to be during good times; you can imagine when the capital city has collapsed on itself.”

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