“The New Equivalent of a Full-Page Newspaper Ad?”

According to Nieman Lab (citing the following specifics from an LA Times profile of Hollywood gossip blogger Perez Hilton), it is a “24-hour wallpaper-style ad that incorporates the banner logo across the top” of perezhilton.com, which costs an advertiser “as much as $72,000.” Particularly for former full-page newspaper advertisers hoping to reach the “26-year-old college-educated white woman who seldom goes to church, is a Democrat and does not shop at Wal-Mart,” which is how the Times describes the “typical” Perez Hilton reader.

My favorite bit from the Times’ Hilton profile? “The publicist who would not be named.”

One Hollywood publicist who represents high-profile actors frequently in Hilton’s cross hairs and didn’t want to be named for fear of compromising her clients said she respects his work ethic and that he has built a business from scratch, but she doesn’t worry about what he writes, invest time cultivating him or think about him when planning a campaign.

“He is literally not on my radar unless I want to go on and laugh about something,” she said, adding that many of her clients find him toxic and vengeful…

…But, you know, “not on” her “radar.” At all. And don’t quote her on that.

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.