On June 13th, with golf’s U.S. Open approaching, the New York Times’s Karen Crouse reported that golf star Tiger Woods is “Embracing Fatherhood!” (his “nine-month injury-induced hiatus” from golf, Crouse mentions towards the article’s end, has left Woods “with a deeper appreciation of fatherhood.”) According to Crouse: “[Woods’s] public embrace of fatherhood has given the 21st century male a new paradigm: the alpha athlete as ardent second-string mom.” (Save for an adorable family photo, the “first-string mom” is barely present in the piece. Just sayin’.)

Today, with Wimbledon underway, Crouse files her Pete Sampras version: “The Tennis King Who Would Rather Stay Home,” as the headline on the print piece has it (online, it is the sort-of-different, “A Tennis King Content to Stay Home”).

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.