The Twolbert Tweport

When Stephen Colbert encounters Twitter—in the person of Twitter founder Biz Stone—hilarity is pretty much guaranteed to ensue.

Make that, actually, twilarity.

“What was the very first tweet?” Colbert asked Stone, during last night’s Colbert Report interview. “We know what the first trans-Atlantic Morse code signal was. It was like, ‘What hath God wrought.’ What was yours, ‘What hath God twat’?”

Also, a bit of news coming out of the short Colbert/Stone interview: “We’re going to start experimenting this year,” Stone told Colbert, with—everybody now!—monetization. “We’re going to become a strong, profitable, independent company,” Stone said. He and his, uh, Biz-ness partners, he said, are “recognizing a difference right now between profit and value, and we’re building value right now.”

As they grow the Twitter network, “it becomes more valuable, as we add features to it, as we make it more robust,” Stone said. And “when we get to a certain point where we feel that we’ve gotten there, we’ll begin experimenting with the revenue model. This is not unlike the way Google approached their revenue.”

As Colbert might say: Twinteresting…

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