“There Will Still Be News”

In a Washington Post column, Michael Kinsley shrugs off The Death of Newspapers As We (Used To) Know Them:

We’re in a transition, destination uncertain. Arianna Huffington may wake up some morning to find The Washington Post gone forever and the nakedness of her ripoff exposed to the world. Or she may be producing all her own news long before then. Who knows? But there is no reason to suppose that when the dust has settled, people will have lost their appetite for serious news when the only fundamental change is that producing and delivering that news has become cheaper.

Also, Kinsley is not a fan of foundation- or government-supported newspapers (see CJR’s recent News Meeting about government intervention). Writes Kinsley:

A newspaper industry that was a ward of the state or of high-minded foundations would be sadly compromised…

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.