To Tweet or Not To Tweet

Joe Klein, over at Time’s Swampland blog, confesses to being “existentially stressed.” Because of Twitter. Because, Klein writes, “I’m not sure I quite understand what it is…except that it’s another thing. And I’m still trying to figure out the various things I have.” And yet Klein fears being “a zeitgiest laggard” if he doesn’t join up. “But then again,” Klein continues, “why on earth would anyone want to know what I’m thinking at any given minute—and why on earth should I be asked to provide it?”

Maybe my colleague Megan can convince you?

Relatedly, Why Twitter was, briefly, a discussion topic on yesterday’s The View, with Barbara Walters giving her co-hosts a brief Twitter tutorial (all t’s in Twitter being very crisply enunciated, as is Walters’s way). In attempting to explain to her doubting coworkers Twitter’s utility — or, at least, it’s draw — Walters asked, “Why do people want to be on MyFace?” Because, Walters continued, “People seem to have this need to be in touch with everybody.” (h/t, Andrew Sullivan).

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.