Tonight: Will Obama Sell The Bank Plan? Make Gaffes? Get Ratings?

Some in Washington [are] wondering whether the president is becoming overexposed,” writes the New York Times’s Peter Baker (emphasis mine) by way of introducing six “things to watch for” during tonight’s prime time presidential press conference (three of Baker’s “things” are issue-oriented, three are… not). Baker’s six flags:

1) Can the president turn the corner on A.I.G.?… Look for his answer to the question about proposed legislation to tax…bonuses, and others at big banks that have taken a lot of federal taxpayer bailout money, at a 90 percent rate.

2) Can he sell the latest Treasury bank plan? Look for a barrage of tough questions about whether the plan will work and whether it represents a reasonable risk for taxpayers, as well as the about administration’s ideas for new powers to seize financial firms other than banks that get into trouble.

3) Will he address international issues? Mr. Obama may be asked about his televised message to Iranians on the occasion of Nowruz, the Persian new year, and his plans to push NATO to do more to help in Afghanistan.

4) Will he make any gaffes?

5) Will he call on non-traditional questioners?

6) Can he keep the audience engaged? [Get ratings].

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.