Trick, Vote, Vomit

Whimsy, meet politics

There are a bunch of costumed idiots running around the convention handing out stickers that say “Trick Or Vote.” From their Web site: “Trick or Vote is a nationwide nonpartisan costume canvass taking place on Halloween in a city near you. A spooky crew of monsters will be out in full force to remind young folks to vote, and you can be spooky too.” Whimsy and politics, together at last! Somebody call Wes Anderson!

About an hour ago, four or five of them trooped into the bookstore, looking like they just left a screening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show and blaming the fact that they have only received foreign media coverage on stateside reportorial laziness. No, you have not been covered because you are obnoxious media bait, and my colleagues are showing admirable restraint in not giving you the coverage that you so obviously crave. Also, the foreign press is just making fun of you.

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Justin Peters is editor-at-large of the Columbia Journalism Review.