“Waiting To Be Told Things…”

…is what “the day of a typical White House correspondent consists [of], literally,” writes Ana Marie Cox in a Washington Post piece arguing “Why We Should Get Rid of White House Correspondents,” Cox’s contribution to a Post “Spring Cleaning Special,” “Ten Things To Toss Out.” Other toss-worthy things, according to assorted Post Outlook writers: television (you have Hulu and you don’t need The Hallmark Channel), the term ‘Muslim World’” (it’s meaningless), and the prom (it’s “graduation’s vapid sibling”).

UPDATE: Not helping The Case For The White House Press Corps: yesterday’s “WHITE HOUSE NOTEBOOK” from the AP, which brings us the news that, per the article’s subhed, “Obama gets chatty with press.” Also? One of Obama’s aides left his wallet on the president’s podium in Trinidad.

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.