The FTC to the Rescue!

The Federal Trade Commission is holding a meeting today and tomorrow on the future of journalism. (No need to re-check the date on this post…this is indeed a “new” meeting on the topic).

This one has a slightly more creative title:

Federal Trade Commission workshop From Town Criers to Bloggers: How Will Journalism Survive the Internet Age?

And, the lineup is peppered with some of the usual big names like Steven Brill, Len Downie, and Josh Marshall as well as analysts and product developers from Google and Yahoo! has already slammed the meeting before it even started:

How Will Journalism Survive The Internet Age? Not by spending days on end in conferences talking about how to save journalism. Too bad, because if that’s all it took you’d think we’d be awfully close to a solution by now.

Not a completely invalid point, but these meetings do get a lot of big players together and encourage them to share their ideas and make connections. The dialogue between media people and the search engine product managers could be particularly useful. So, we here at CJR are going to reserve judgment until we actually find out what, if anything, this particular conference produces.

If you just can’t wait for summaries and commentary, you can watch the “action” here or follow along on Twitter with live discussion under #ftcnews.

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Diana Dellamere is a former CJR staff writer.