Schweitzer’s Warm-Up

We just heard a rousing call and answer from Montana governor Brian Schweitzer, speaking right before Sen. Hillary Clinton tonight at the DNC. Like a good warm-up comedian, he got the crowd energized.

Schweitzer: “Let me ask you something. Can we afford Four… More… Years?”

Crowd: “NO!”

Schweitzer: “Not bad. Is it time for a change?”

Crowd: “YES!”

Schweitzer: “Pretty good! When do we need it?”

Crowd: “NOW!”

Schweitzer: “And who do we need?”

Crowd: “Barack!”

Schweitzer: “That’s right—Barack Obama. [Laughs.] That’s right, that’s right—Barack Obama is the change we need.”

At the end of his speech, he called out: “They need all of us to stand up. Colorado, stand up!” He encouraged a few more states, then, to enthusiastic cheers, yelled: “In the cheap seats, stand up!”

And MSNBC’s camera panned to… Bill Clinton.

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Jane Kim is a writer in New York.