Watch: CJR’s panel on digital press freedoms

Didn't make it to the Newseum on Monday afternoon? Catch up on our latest event here

In honor of its 50th birthday, CJR’s southern presence expanded Monday beyond its one-man DC bureau, as editors and fellow journalists converged at the Newseum for a panel event titled “Truth and consequences: free expression and independent journalism in a digital world.”

The panel, moderated by NPR’s Robert Siegel, included: Columbia University president Lee Bollinger (during the event, CJR inadvertently @-tweeted what I hope is the scholar’s fake account), Voice of America’s David Ensor, Thomson Reuters Digital editor Chrystia Freeland, and Rebecca MacKinnon.

“Times change, and now we face changes that raise questions unlike any I can recall, questions like, ‘who gets to control whose articles pop up in the search engine when you plug a word in?’” Siegel said, before opening the floor to the panelists. “Who gets to monitor whose digital communications? Who figures out how to continue to make money from the enterprise of journalism in a culture of getting things for free and making perfect digital copies of whatever is out there?”

Watch the event online here.

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