“We Followed in the Bubble”

My daily newspaper went to Brazil with President Obama and all I got (well, not all) was this “quick video tour.” (Though, impressive Flip-cam work by New York Times staff photographer, Stephen Crowley.) Also? Crowley offers these key insights:

It’s difficult for the 13 members of the press pool, who spent most of the 49 hours in Brazil waiting in vans or in a subterranean holding room, to grasp the context of the events taking place around them. We followed in the “bubble” — 15 cars back in the motorcade — to two speeches and a luncheon toast with President Dilma Rousseff.

And then, a close encounter:

Minutes after Air Force One left Rio on its way to Santiago, Chile, the president made a rare appearance in the back of the plane, peeking around the edge of the doorway but never actually stepping into the press cabin. “Did you guys have fun?” he asked, about our dash through Rio.

Before anyone could ask about Libya, he slipped away as quietly as he had arrived.

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.