What HuffPo Getting a Question Means

That The Huffington Post Getting A Question at last night’s presidential press conference would raise lots of questions was never in question.

President Obama called on The Huffington Post? Who knew they had a White House reporter (Daniel Drezner)? And, if the president called on them, what about me and my blog (Greta Van Susteren of GretaWire)? Also: what does it mean?

Greg Sargent’s take on what to make of it:

But the real innovation isn’t in what Obama did. It’s in what outlets like HuffPo are doing. Places like HuffPo and my alma mater, Talking Points Memo, are striving to demonstrate that it needn’t necessarily be mutually exclusive to care along with your audience what happens in politics — to have a predisposition towards one outcome or another — while simultaneously doing real journalism.

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.