Where In The World Is Joe The Plumber?

On his way, apparently, to Israel “to report for the conservative Web site pjtv.com.

Take it away, Jennifer Taylor of WNWO-TV ( NBC24, Toledo, OH):

He intends to get the, often lost, Israeli reason for the offensive against Hamas.

…The 10-day journey hopes to answer that question, by talking with Israeli citizens directly without a politically correct filter.

“I get to go over there and let their ‘average Joes’ share their story, what they think, how they feel, especially with world opinion, maybe get a real story out there,” Wurzelbacher said.

….Joe knows the danger is very real but believes his civic duty is once again calling him to do something bigger than himself.

UPDATE: Speaking of Joe and danger and Israel, remember this? When Fox News’s Shep Smith grilled Joe on why he “went ahead and agreed” with one voter’s claim that a vote for Obama would mean a vote for the death of Israel? (Joe then: “You don’t want my opinion on foreign policy. I know just enough probably to be dangerous…”)

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.