(Where To) Get Your Iran News

Both The Nation’s Ari Berman and Politico’s Ben Smith offer recommendations for where to get news (and commentary) about Iran. Both lists include Tehran Bureau, Andrew Sullivan, Nico Pitney, Twitter.

Smith also recommends the New York Times The Lede blog, which I second (they’re linking to coverage from Iran’s Press TV, BBC, BBC Persian TV,Tehran Bureau, Britain’s Channel 4, News, YouTube, Twitter). I also second Berman’s BBC nod both for, as Berman writes, BBC’s “brave and courageous reporting, often shooting on their cell phones and in the backs of cars, as the Iranian regime clamps down on coverage” and also for providing basic context like, as Kathy noted, a “How Iran Is Ruled” chart. Also: FiveThirtyEight, as I mentioned yesterday. GlobalPost doesn’t appear to have a reporter in Iran, offering reports on how news from Iran is playing in the countries in which GlobalPost is represented (not much play, for example, in nearby Turkey).

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.