Who’s Down With OPM?

Watching Sean Hannity’s “no-topic-off-limits interview” with Sarah Palin right now. Nothing too tough or noteworthy so far. Lots of economy talk (Hannity: Is Obama using the Wall Street crisis for “political gain?” Palin doesn’t really take that bait… Palin says our country has an “OPM addiction”—“Other People’s Money”).

Other questions: Will the Obama campain’s “attacks be effective?” “Explain how you, as Governor of Alaska, took on your own party?”

Useless observation: Remember how many times Palin said, “Charlie” during her interview with Gibson? I’ve only heard her say “Sean” once so far.

Hannity’s tease for Part 2 (airing tonight):

We’ll find out if she thinks the media is trying to elect Barack Obama, what her strategy for repairing our relationships abroad and her thoughts on the mini army that’s been sent to Alaska to look into her personal life.

Also Thursday night, the personal side of Governor Palin.

Actually, I think Palin’s “personal side” was amply-covered, already, by your Fox colleague Van Susteren (in her “First Dude” interview).

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.