BENJAMIN: The affair question. I believe that was the question. [ed. note: I believe that was the question, too.]

MATTHEWS: What is the affair — well, you have just something I did’t know. What is the affair question?

BENJAMIN: There’s some personal questions — there`s some personal questions about relationships that are surfacing on blogs and on all sorts of things on the Internet, but nobody has talked about that.

MATTHEWS: Well, how about — let`s stick to journalism. Let`s not — I don`t do that here, Liz. Liz, if it`s just — if it`s just blogging, let`s drop it. OK?


MATTHEWS: If you have got anything to report that`s hard, report it. Don`t — don`t give me blog stuff here.

No “blog stuff here,” but “Woodward stuff” is ok? “Let’s stick to journalism” except when I invite you to “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know?”

Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.