Yesterday in Inter-Media (Intra-Media?) Name-Calling

Have you heard? After some heated exchanges between The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank and The Huffington Post’s Nico Pitney during yesterday’s Reliable Sources with Howard Kurtz on CNN (see footage below)? Pitney says Milbank called him a “dick.” Everyone’s totally talking about it. And? There’s a Twitter hash tag (#dickwhisperer) for further discussion of it.

Last week, Katia weighed in here on the events that led to This Angry Moment. Over at Swampland, Michael Scherer has, to my mind, a comprehensive and fair recap of what brought us to This Moment (a Moment where, I agree, both Milbank and Pitney look small), isolates some of the worthwhile questions raised (there are some!), and tells us what he, as a White House reporter, has taken away from it all (which makes sense — promise— after reading the recap):

For me, the most interesting unanswered question is this: As the media becomes more fragmented, and reporters increasingly represent niche audiences, how can (or should) the White House press corps contain the President’s ability to tailor the subject matter and tenor of his press conferences with the people he calls on?

Yesterday’s Reliable Sources segment:

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