“You Have Been So Friendly…”

As mentioned in passing in this earlier post, the morning after her SNL appearance, being in town and all, Gov. Palin sat down for an interview with WWOR-TV’s (New York) My9 News (local press being political candidates’ favorite sort of press in the later stages of the campaign).

While My9 News highlighted Palin’s response to Colin Powell’s endorsement of Obama in its introduction to Brenda Blackmon’s “exclusive” Palin interview — “The Maverick Takes on The General” (she tells Blackmon she “begs to differ” with Powell’s suggestion she isn’t ready to be president) — I was struck by the way Blackmon began and concluded her interview. “Do you mind if I take you up to the set?” Blackmon asked as she and Palin walked toward the interview set. (Almost as if she expected Palin to say, “You know what? No. Changed my mind. Don’t want to take questions.” Why chance it like that?) Blackmon ended the interview by asking Palin, the “former journalist,” how she liked the studio, how she liked Blackmon’s “digs.” Said Palin:

Very beautiful. Yes, it’s just very sharp and classy, too. Yeah, I really like it. This is beautiful. You have been so friendly. This is so nice.

And Blackmon had been pretty friendly. She even lent Palin her studio.

BLACKMON: [Palin] spent more than one hour with us… She even took some time to get some state business done, using our studio to send a message back to Alaska…

PALIN: Hi, I’m Governor Sarah Palin. Thank you so much for inviting me to be with you at the Alaska Federation of Natives 2008 Convention in Anchorage…

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.