-The St. Louis Beacon, edited by Margaret Freivogel: “Roughly 10 percent of the Beacon’s donations come from foundations, while the remaining 90 percent are from individual donors…. The Beacon, according to Freivogel, operates with a budget of $1 million in 2010, not including donations collected from its exceptional and ‘unusual’ recent contributions – much of which is being saved for long-term growth and plan for staff expansion.”

-John Murden of Church Hill People’s News blog network in Richmond, VA: “We have an ad network across the 13 community blogs, a local blog aggregator, and the community blog aggregator. We have a person that sells ads across the network…. We like the idea of making money, though only our two or four most trafficked sites are really making anything worth talking about. The sales rep is living off of the income, and within a year or two, we could have a few more of us as professional bloggers.”

-Dan Christensen of Broward Bulldog in Broward County, FL: “I went [the nonprofit] route because I did not feel I could sustain the business on an advertising model. Nonprofit gives you the added dimension of pursuing large foundation grants…. Revenue sources today are contributions from individuals, plus the sale of stories to newspapers and news services.

-The Twin Cities Daily Planet, headed by Jeremy Iggers and edited by Mary Turck: The site’s “parent organization, the Twin Cities Media Alliance, was organized as a nonprofit in order to take advantage of foundation support, which provides more than 80 percent of revenue. The rest comes from advertising, individual donations and income from events such as fundraising dinners. The organization recently hired a director of development to focus on raising funds.”

-Brian Wheeler of Charlottesville Tomorrow in Charlottesville, VA: “We launched as a non-profit because our initial funding included major gifts from individual donors and this allowed them to make tax-deductible charitable contributions…. Sources of revenue for 2010 are budgeted as follows: major gifts (73%); annual campaign gifts (4%); and grants (23%).

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