Later, Grueskin asked if the Times felt at all threatened by The Wall Street Journal’s coming out with a local New York edition. “Janet, I know you’ve been quoted as saying that you don’t see it as much a threat on the advertising front, but Arthur, could you talk a little bit about how you see it on the editorial front?” To which Sulzberger replied, “I think the two thoughts go together…. Quality journalism attracts a quality audience, that we sell to quality advertisers.” And so as far as the Journal is concerned, “If they’re not attracting quality advertisers, it’s probably because they’re not requiring the kind of readers they need for that section, which may be tied to something.”

Despite the slightly defensive tone of the evening’s conversation, a high note had to be the last question: Grueskin read an oft-cited piece that appeared in The Onion, a sarcastic bit with the headline “’s Plan To Charge People Money For Consuming Goods, Services Called Bold Business Move,” and asked Sulzberger how he felt about the fake quote attributed to him at the end of the article. Sulzberger smiled and said “It’s the first time I’ve ever been quoted accurately.”

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