Editor’s note: Readers of this piece about journalism organizations housed within colleges and universities may note that the Columbia Journalism Review is such an organization, and wonder what our situation is. CJR is part of Columbia University, a 501c3 nonprofit. It is published under the auspices of Columbia’s Graduate School Of Journalism. CJR has its own independent budget, but we are housed and receive services such as computer support and more from the J-school, along with intellectual and spiritual ties. Are there tensions between the interests of the journalism school and CJR’s mission? Occasionally, yes. CJR’s mission of journalism criticism requires it to critique friends and funders of the school, not to mention CJR’s own friends and funders. There is no written firewall guaranteeing editorial independence, and whether there should be is a good discussion. But we believe in editorial independence and in practice, in ten years as editor here, I have never seen any serious effort to interfere with any story. -Mike Hoyt

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Alysia Santo is a former assistant editor at CJR.