As you can see at Filibustery, I (among others) am currently focused on the first question. Effective explanation is a crucial piece of the puzzle. But I plan to ultimately tackle the second and third questions as well. In doing so, I hope to develop a different presentation of the news for an underserved type of news consumer.

I’m a one-man band at the moment. And this is a big goal. But the beautiful thing is that it can start so small.

Over the next few weeks, CJR has invited me to drop by the “Launch Pad” to fill you in on my progress and my experiences up to this point. In the next installment, I’ll write about my decision to set up Newsbound as a for-profit, rather than a nonprofit—a choice I didn’t take lightly.

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Josh Kalven is the founder of Newsbound, a San Francisco-based startup that works to contain and explain complex news narratives. He was previously editor-in-chief of Progress Illinois. You can find him on Twitter or at the following e-mail address: josh (at)