Joe Hurley, a newspaper reporter, walked the entire length of Route 6, which stretches from Cape Cod, Massachusetts to Long Beach, California. Photographer Travis Lindhorst accompanied him, and the pair published weekly stories in various newspapers along the way. Ten Million Steps, their Kickstarter campaign, is meant to fund a book about their adventures, but with three days to go things need to pick up, as they are only half way to their $12,500 goal. Cuba: Branded is also running out of time. The project is a “visual exploration of Cuba through the lens of branding,” meant to “give the reader an idea of what daily life in Cuba is like.” The project needs another thousand dollars to receive funding, and this has to happen before midnight on Saturday.

Ending this evening with well over 2,000 backers is the Kickstarter project “This is not a Conspiracy Theory,” from filmmaker Kirby Ferguson. The project, “a multi-part series that will explain the major ideas, events and human quirks that have shaped where we are right now politically,” far exceeded its $48,000 goal, and the donations have continued to flow. This success is due in no small part to the popularity of Ferguson’s first web series, “Everything is a Remix,” which explores the derivative nature of creativity, and has view counts totaling in the multi-millions. “I started it as a hobby,” says Ferguson about his first web series, “I assumed it would be nothing but that.” Ferguson decided to quit his job in advertising around the release of the third part of “Remix,” and fundraised for the project without Kickstarter. He says the first part of “This is not a Conspiracy Theory” will be ready before this year’s election. Ferguson says that as a Canadian, this film idea is personal. “It’s a way for me to understand America and make peace with this crazy place.”


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Alysia Santo is a former assistant editor at CJR.