The Media Tourist’s Guide to the World

Traveling to a distant land, and wondering where you’ll get the news in your new spot? Or hear of a breaking story across the world and want to get the local take? Newspaper Map is a great place to start. It’s a searchable, zoomable, color-coordinated map of about 10,000 newspapers across the globe—available online and as a mobile app. A simple Google News search will also divide news outlets geographically, of course, but Newspaper Map lays them all out visually, and also incorporates Google’s translation tool with a simple button.

The “Historical!” button is also incredibly useful; click it and you’ll see links to archives of papers that are defunct, from New York’s The Sun to Tanzania’s Deutsch Ostafrikanische Zeitung, which published (in German) from 1899 to 1916. Just in case you need that.

(Via Very Short List.)

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