Seeing how easily those priorities can get squeezed out, or simply rendered impractical, has been pretty demoralizing. But it has led us to think hard about the amount of content we can process each day, and what kind of lead time we need on pieces. We have also started to be more honest with ourselves about just how much time we have in a day. Better we find a rotation that works, and come to an understanding with our writers about what we can expect of each other, than devolve into a free-floating mess that tries to coast on the strength of those rare writers who turn in near-perfect copy.

Oh, and a message to everyone sending us pitches or expecting t-shirts and such: Thank you for bearing with us. You are far more patient with us than we are with ourselves.

I’ll be back in December, by which time we should have a real site—hopefully one that lives up to the goals set forth in this high-handed memo-to-self.

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Bethlehem Shoals is a founder of The Classical.