I was still naively sanguine that my peculiar plan had legs. But I got an updated lesson on how hard it is to effect change using social media, even with a seemingly novel blueprint. I know that I don’t need ten million people to view my video and circulate my strange idea to achieve my plan of singing for women on the mend—rather, I just need the one right person to learn of it. But a million sharing dendrites help, and reaching this number of transactions is damn hard.

I’m still thinking of ways to push my plan of coupling a journalist with one of the world’s biggest rockstars to record a holiday song for battered women. And if it works out I’ll be singing all the way to sub-Sahara. I’m reminded, though, that the vast networks that let us do so many things are also among the distractions that curb attention required to do them.


Justin D. Martin is a journalism professor at Northwestern University in Qatar. Follow him on Twitter: @Justin_D_Martin