Some other VR projects that he’s done in the past for the Star include tours of the reactor core of a nuclear reactor power plant, the state rooms of a multi-million dollar yacht, and a maximum security prison cell. For the future, So said he’s playing with using smaller, wearable high definition cameras that could collect photographs for a more thorough “tour” of an area. He also said he’s trying to figure out how to install a camera on a remote control helicopter to get better aerial shots in HD, from spots closer to the ground than a traditional television helicopter. He sounds like he’s having some fun with those experiments.

To see examples of more great VR photography, So recommended, a site that collects VR projects from around the world. And he said that his favorite VR ever is a view from the center of the Eiffel Tower. If you have a fear of heights, you might not want to click on that one. Seriously. I’ll add this tour of the Sistine Chapel, which even has some understated organ music accompanying it to set the mood (h/t Melissa Bell and others).

And, of course, the rest of’s Haiti coverage is worth checking out. One of So’s videos is narrated by Catherine Porter, a Star journalist who decided to use her own money to send Lovely to school; following the publication of her article, Star readers, unsolicited, sent in $18,000 to do the same for other students.

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