United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change: It may seem like the IPCC has been covered ad nauseam since winning the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize, but the reports posted here provide such a thorough examination of the science and the data that they should be studied by anyone covering climate-related issues.

U.S. Climate Change Science Program: Overseen by White House science and environmental policy offices, this site collects the findings of thirteen federal agencies and is a go-to point for any government data and reports on climate change.

U.S. Conference of Mayors: Click past the dull green home page, and you’ll find helpful summaries of climate protection “best practices” in U.S. cities. While climate change is clearly a global issue, the tension between “green” localities and a disinterested federal government has prompted a patchwork of local initiatives.

World Bank: The World Bank’s climate-change Web site, featuring numerous links to resources documenting the intersection of finance and global warming.

World Environmental Organization: In case you haven’t seen enough Web sites, this page links you to 100 interesting sites covering climate change issues.

Related Science Journalism:

Framing Science: American University communications professor Matthew C. Nisbet blogs here about the “intersections between science, media and politics.” Nisbet has a well-earned reputation for leading research and commentary on media and public opinion about climate change.

Knight Science Journalism Tracker: Veteran science journalist Charles Petit blogs daily on the latest science and environmental news on this site sponsored by MIT’s Knight Science Journalism Fellowship Program. He compares print and broadcast on a given story, including press releases and links to the coverage.

Society of Environmental Journalists: This professional journalists’ organization has a terrific guide to climate change, which provides links and summaries of everything a reporter would want to know to cover the issue.

LIST COMPILED BY Cristine Russell, Valerie Smith Boyd, and Curtis Brainard


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