On the religion beat, there is hopeful (especially when American politics are taken into account) news in the article “‘Green’ Faith aiding the Earth,” from the Stamford Advocate in Connecticut. It is a look at how religious leaders are embracing environmental issues (this year, the Vatican included pollution in a list of seven new sins). In a similar vein, from The State in Columbia, South Carolina comes “A green dream: Pedal power from the Pulpit.” Members of the local Unitarian Universalist Fellowship are having a “Bike-In” to get to church.

THUMB’S DOWN - Bloomies. Bloomingdale’s took a Green Lite approach in its short, Sunday Times ad, “Get in a Green Mood.” In language whose superficiality insults its customers, the store asks: “Are you ready to help save the planet and get a new denim look?” If the answer is yes, you can celebrate Earth Day by meeting Rogan Gregory, co-creator of Loomstate denim, at Bloomie’s premier NYC store on 59th Street. “Plan your green style statement during informal modeling of the brand’s organic fashions.” Hmmm. Maybe not. Or perhaps I’ll do something that’s actually meaningful, like planting one of Macy’s trees.

In the equally innocuous category is a story headlined, “Pet owners find ways to go green,” from The Associated Press. Apparently, Earthdoggy.com is one of at least a dozen online retailers specializing in eco-friendly pet products. Want a dog bed from recycled materials and low-impact dyes? At $120, it’s a top seller. Really.

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Cristine Russell is a CJR contributing editor and the president of the Council for the Advancement of Science Writing and a senior fellow at Harvard's Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs. She is a former Shorenstein Center fellow and Washington Post reporter.