The weather checker (or “outside analyst” as he’s also called) is Jamie Yesnowitz, who has regularly reviewed and criticized the Capital Weather Gang’s work since December 2008. According to his bio, Yesnowitz is a “state and local tax senior manager at a major accounting firm,” with a life-long interest in weather. On Tuesday, in a review of the blog’s coverage of the two storms that hit D.C. this month (dubbed Snowmaggedon and Snoverkill, respectively), he wrote that:

There had to be significant fatigue setting in on the CWG in the wake of Snowmaggedon, when the opportunity to forecast Snoverkill presented itself. Though CWG correctly communicated the big-picture risks of the second crippling storm in less than a week, it was a hair late in sounding the alarm about Snoverkill, and some of its more detailed predictions did not materialize.

The post then asked readers to grade the Gang’s forecasting performance. With 1,569 votes at press time, 74 percent have given the group an ‘A,’ 21 percent have given it a ‘B,’ and 2 percent have given it a ‘C.’

So, as far as this month’s storms are concerned, the blog has beaten the bell curve. Overall, it seems to have accomplished much more—by showing that a blog can arguably cover the weather as well as TV or radio and that there is still a place for local weather coverage at national outlets like the Post.

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Curtis Brainard writes on science and environment reporting. Follow him on Twitter @cbrainard.