LCB: As Rutenberg also mentioned in his piece, you, like the Associated Press’ Nedra Pickler and your colleague Jodi Wilgoren, now have a web site dedicated to you —, which actually bills itself as “Adam Nagourney’s Personal Diary.” Does this mean you’ve arrived?

AN: Does this mean I’ve arrived? Um. I guess so. Someone said to me, why didn’t I buy my name out to avoid this? Not in a million years did I think anyone would do this, but I guess more power to them. Have you looked at [the site]?

LCB: Yeah. Have you?

AN: Yes! It’s so dirty! That’s the thing about it. First of all, it’s turned into this big chamber for dissatisfaction [with] a whole bunch of reporters. But it’s also dirty and a lot of it is really mean — that’s what I was talking about. It’s like, wow, where is this coming from?

LCB: If someone who knows you well stumbled upon the site, they’d know it wasn’t the real Adam Nagourney writing because of _______. Fill in the blank.

AN: You would be amazed how many people think it’s me. I’ve gotten phone calls from gossip columnists, some of whom were going to write items about how I’ve started my own web page … I think one of our public relations people was saying, do we need to put out a statement saying it’s not me?

I’m not a blogging kind of person.

Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.