JS: Blogs have played such an interesting and increasingly influential role in politics in the past few years that bringing a blog segment to a show like “Inside Politics” seemed like a no-brainer. It’s not a matter of something making for “more interesting TV.” It’s a matter of taking a look at where blogs are having an influence on society’s landscape and making the obvious connection. Again, we plan to expand this segment to include politics, international and domestic security, which will give us the opportunity to access more news of the day and report on what’s happening on the blogs and beyond. The blog segment will appear regularly on “The Situation Room,” anchored by Wolf Blitzer, beginning next week.

LCB: What sort of feedback have you received from bloggers, beyond the self-promotional, hey-talk-about-me emails that I’m guessing you see from time to time?

JS: We don’t get a lot of self-promotional emails. We do get a lot of suggestions and story ideas. Bloggers themselves are starting to recognize the value of a segment dedicated to their collective voice.

LCB: And finally, your thoughts on iluveabbitatton, the blog “dedicated to spreading the word on and enumerating the charms of one Abbi Tatton, CNN Producer and Sweetheart of the Blogosphere”?

JS: Abbi — this one is all you.

AT: What can I tell you? I guess my Mum has a lot of time on her hands.


Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.