GS: Interesting question. Undoubtedly, Washington is an intensely competitive journalism environment. Down there you have the Washington Post, New York Times and every big city daily, news magazine and television outlet fighting for exclusives. Not to mention blogs. It’s brutal. But in certain ways, covering the media in New York has many of the same competitive qualities. While DC is a political town, New York is a media city. The media reporters here are all very talented and driven, and the competition pushes everyone to find better sources and produce better [stories]. Having covered some hotly chased stories recently, from Judy Miller to Bob Woodward, I think my experience here would be an asset down in Washington.

The Washington story I’m most intrigued by is the obsessive secrecy of the Bush administration. As hard as it is to find out what’s going on inside the Conde Nast cafeteria, cracking the leak-proof White House would be a thrilling challenge.

LCB: Over Thanksgiving, Gawker asked you what you and some other media people what were thankful for. One of the things you indicated you were giving thanks for in 2005 was the New York Times’ Thursday Styles (we’re also very happy it exists). Pretend I’m a Thursday Styles editor and you’re pitching a story to me. Go.

GS: Hmm. Can’t I just have Alex Kuczynski’s “Critical Shopper” column? I’ve always wanted to get paid to spend money.

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.