During the final evening broadcast at 11 p.m., the story moved on to whether Washington has changed since Obama took office. Cate opened this segment with this comment: “This is the second time I’ve been to the White House to speak to the President and he was very candid this time around as, frankly, he always is….”

Not surprisingly, Obama says he has made the federal government more efficient and has eliminated or changed more than 500 federal rules. The entire segment is 3 minutes, 18 seconds. Obama speaks, uninterrupted, for nearly two minutes.

It was a great night for Obama. Not a great night for the viewers of WFLA, who deserved to have a more balanced report.

Brian E. Crowley is editor of Crowley Political Report. A political journalist for more than two decades, Crowley is an analyst for WPTV NewsChannel 5 in West Palm Beach and is a principal of ImMEDIAcy Public Relations.