As an example, she pointed to the Romney camp’s decision to buy ads on a week-to-week basis, despite its apparently prodigious fundraising. She said she’d like to understand the strategy better. (This very puzzle was explored in the Sept. 20 NYT article.)

Also, the data show that both the Democratic and Republican congressional committees “are heavily invested” in Colorado’s House races, particularly the Sixth and Seventh Congressional Districts, she said. “That tells me both sides think they have some chance in some of the competitive congressional seats here.”

The insights are solid, if not sexy, and are hopefully just a taste of what the CU/I-News collaboration will produce down the line.

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Mary Winter has worked for seven newspapers, most recently the Denver Post, and was assistant managing editor at She spent the bulk of her career at the Rocky Mountain News, first in features and later managing the legislative and state government teams. In 2008, she oversaw delegate coverage at the Democratic National Convention for the paper. She wrote a weekly column for the News for 10 years.