That brings us back to the question that started this piece: Does Cuba really matter?

It is an important question that should be asked by national reporters who travel to Florida and accept a five-decade story line. And that fundamental question leads to some others, like: Why does Cuba matter? What is the strategic importance of Cuba? How does continuing the embargo help the Cuban population? What should we do when the Castro regime ends?

But with the candidates saying little about Cuba unless they happen to be in Miami, and national reporters doing little to press them on the issue, perhaps we already know the answer to one question: No, Cuba does not matter—not to the national media, anyway.

Brian E. Crowley is editor of Crowley Political Report. A political journalist for more than two decades, Crowley is an analyst for WPTV NewsChannel 5 in West Palm Beach and is a principal of ImMEDIAcy Public Relations.