Hallett also noted that a May Quinnipiac University poll giving Brown a 6-point lead over Mandel showed that only 5 percent of surveyed Democrats said they would vote for Mandel, compared with 10 percent of Republicans who said they support Brown.

In other words, as Hallett’s headline had it, Mandel’s frequent claim of Democratic support remains “unproven.”

The piece would also have been well served to include some commentary or insight from someone outside of the campaigns on how, if at all, Mandel’s campaign could be affected if he continues to claim droves of Democratic support without proof. Misinformation is a big deal and appears, more and more, to be the norm for many candidates.

Some solid work by Ohio reporters, with much work still ahead. Here’s hoping they stay on these stories.

T.C. Brown covered government and politics in the Ohio Statehouse Bureau for The Plain Dealer of Cleveland for more than 17 years, and he has also written for other local, state and national publications. Brown is a founding partner in Webface, a social media communication company.