Another gap in coverage has been a thorough look at what a write-in campaign could cost for the newly ambitious (and, in at least one case, newly announced) candidates for McCotter’s seat. Coverage has featured many references to the cost of a successful write-in campaign—mlive quoted one write-in candidate describing it as a “Herculean task,” while The Hill reported that McCotter’s write-in effort would be complicated by having “less than $200,000 in the bank for what will be an expensive primary.” Frequent media mentions of Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s successful write-in campaign to secure her incumbency in 2010 did not mention that Murkowski had $3,416,929 in fundraising receipts, far more than the Republican or Democratic candidates on the ballot.

Michigan reporters have not yet fully crunched the numbers and examined the particularities of Michigan’s 11th District to make a reasonable estimate about what the GOP write-in candidates are facing. In a story that won’t be over until the primary on August 7, political journalists still have rich territory to explore.

Anna Clark is CJR's correspondent for Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. A 2011 Fulbright fellow, Clark has written for The Guardian, Grantland, and Salon; blogs at Isak; and can be found on Twitter @annaleighclark. She lives in Detroit.