For Oceguera, the question might be how, specifically, his opponent has sought to restrict abortion access for rape victims in particular. When pressed, his campaign has tended to fall back to attacking Heck’s overall record—but what’s the specific connection?

Heck, meanwhile, has called his opponent’s attacks “blatant false statements” even as he has fallen back on procedural claims. He says he voted against the crisis center funding because it was bundled with other projects and thrust before lawmakers with 24 hours to vote. But he’s now had more than four years to think about it—does he support that spending?

Due to redistricting, I no longer live in NV-3. Still, I’d like to hear more from both the incumbent and the challenger on just where the truth lies. Will someone please step up and ask the questions—before it’s too late to matter?

Jay Jones is a Las Vegas-based freelance writer who has covered political campaigns for various media outlets in the U.S. and for the BBC in the U.K.