As the coverage make clear, the question of Bain’s effect is complex and subject to different to interpretations. (A Washington Post editorial this week offered a defense of private equity firms, even as it acknowledged that net job creation is “hard to specify.”) It’s also beyond what one reporter filing a deadline story could try to address.

But there are facts and figures, some of which have already been uncovered, that could help voters who are curious or just confused by the candidates’ back-and-forth. That’s why this state’s journalists should be committed to providing useful, understandable reporting on all the candidates’ stances—and their past performance—on employment.

Three weeks remain before Nevada Republicans caucus on February 4. There’s still time for reporters here to do some serious digging to uncover local angles on this story—and to point readers to the digging that has been done elsewhere—so that caucus-goers have more to draw on than their initial impressions.

Jay Jones is a Las Vegas-based freelance writer who has covered political campaigns for various media outlets in the U.S. and for the BBC in the U.K.