Insightful commentary also was provided in a blog post from Channel 12 in Richmond.
In seven paragraphs, Ryan Nobles squeezed in musings on Ryan’s impact on the presidential campaign in Virginia, McDonnell’s place in the vice president pick sweepstakes, Cantor’s connection to Ryan, former Governor—and current Republican Senate nominee—George Allen’s connection to Ryan, and how Ryan may be perceived by Virginia voters. It was a strong use of a blog to impart a lot of information in a concise, conversational manner, and a deeper look at national politics than local TV typically provides.

With so many empty desks in newsrooms, it takes creative use of resources to deliver maximum news content—and the Times-Dispatch in particular did that in this case. The campaign is heading into the home stretch; it’s good to see signs that Virginia’s media is prepared.

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Tharon Giddens logged more than two decades in newspapers in Georgia and South Carolina as a writer and editor. He is now living on an alpaca farm east of Richmond, Virginia.