Looking ahead to Election Day, Fiske said his staff will focus on vetting campaign ads, especially in the presidential and senate races, and on the debates between Allen and Kaine. They also will draw from the national PolitiFact and from partners in other states for help in evaluating ads that run in multiple markets, and may also look at some House races as needed.

And Fiske is hopeful that work done now will pay off in the fall, as the campaigns’ claims are recycled.

Already, he said, he believes the project has “made campaigns more aware of their rhetoric.”

The hope is that that will in turn improve the political dialogue—and help voters in the process. “I’m hoping that we can educate people,” he said, “that we can explain what the facts are.”

Tharon Giddens logged more than two decades in newspapers in Georgia and South Carolina as a writer and editor. He is now living on an alpaca farm east of Richmond, Virginia.