Podcast: ‘The more American your life is, the more vulnerable you become’

When longtime residents of Washington State’s Long Beach Peninsula began to disappear, journalist McKenzie Funk set out to reverse-engineer ICE officers’ use of domestic-surveillance data. Last week, he published his findings in the New York Times Magazine. Kyle Pope, the editor and publisher of CJR, speaks with Funk to learn why the more American an immigrant’s life is, the more vulnerable they become, and why ICE blames that vulnerability on sanctuary policy.




How ICE Picks Its Targets in the Surveillance Age, McKenzie Funk, New York Times Magazine

Between immigration authorities and the people they target, Sonam Vashi, CJR

TL;DR: Tools for covering ICE, Sam Thielman, CJR

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Amanda Darrach is a contributor to CJR and a visiting scholar at the University of St Andrews School of International Relations. Follow her on Twitter @thedarrach.