What was the Notorious RBG like as a source?

How did Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg view the press? And how far did the mythology we built around the “Great Dissenter” stray from reality?

On this week’s Kicker, Betsy West, codirector of the Academy Award–nominated documentary RBG, joins Kyle Pope, editor and publisher of CJR, to discuss what it was like to work with Ginsburg, the hagiography around her, and her legacy of optimism.

CJR · What was the Notorious RBG like as a source?



RBG, directed and produced by Betsy West and Julie Cohen

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The Fandom Around R.B.G. Is Out of Step With Reality, Amanda Hess, the New York Times Magazine

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Amanda Darrach is a contributor to CJR and a visiting scholar at the University of St Andrews School of International Relations. Follow her on Twitter @thedarrach.