Podcast: Is the podcast boom good for journalism?

On The Kicker this week, we offer a rare Trump-free episode. First, CJR Senior Editor Christie Chisholm and Delacorte Fellow Pete Vernon join me to discuss how the current podcast boom is reminiscent of the digital transition that began in print media more than a decade ago. What forms does journalism take in podcasts? And what, if anything, is lost?

Then, Ernst-Jan Pfauth, publisher of the Dutch news organization De Correspondent, joins me to talk about its attempt to expand into the US. Can the outlet’s unique philosophy of journalism provide an antidote to the daily news grind in the competitive American market? How does a business model built on memberships differ from one centered on subscriptions?

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David Uberti is a writer in New York. He was previously a media reporter for Gizmodo Media Group and a staff writer for CJR. Follow him on Twitter @DavidUberti.