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  1. Feature

    Al-Alam’s Game

    July 1, 2007 09:00 AM

    After confessing to the world on camera that she and her British crew had trespassed into Iranian waters this past March, sailor Faye Turney pressed a cigarette to her lips and took a long, deep drag. The way she... Continue reading

  2. Feature

    Soldiers’ Stories

    May 8, 2007 08:30 AM

    Gina Cavallaro had drifted away from the soldier escorting her, wanting to take a picture of the Iraqi children trailing them as they patrolled Ramadi. She heard a lone gunshot and turned around, disoriented, trying to see where the shot... Continue reading

  3. Behind the News

    Army Tries to Spin Walter Reed Story, Gets Bitten in the Ass

    March 1, 2007 11:00 AM

    The articles on Walter Reed Army Medical Center that ran last week in both the Washington Post and the Army Times revealed a shameful reality awaiting wounded soldiers returning from Iraq. The stories, particularly those in the Post, with... Continue reading

  4. Q and A

    Beyond the Cartoon Controversy: Q & A with Flemming Rose

    March 1, 2007 08:30 AM

    It’s been fifteen months since the publication by the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten of a series of cartoons depicting the prophet Mohammad, and the resulting furor in the Muslim world over what was considered a blasphemous violation of a... Continue reading

  5. Politics

    Muslim-American Groups Protest GMA’s Hiring Of Glenn Beck

    January 26, 2007 01:14 PM

    ABC was apparently so impressed with Glenn Beck's appearances on Good Morning America, that it decided to hire him as a regular commentator on the show. After all, it was the somewhat cleaned-up Beck that GMA viewers... Continue reading

  6. Behind the News

    In Memoriam: Hrant Dink (1954-2007)

    January 25, 2007 02:08 PM

    Friday's murder of Armenian-Turkish editor and columnist Hrant Dink -- though not the only instance recently of a foreign journalist brutally silenced -- was different in that for those who follow global events or the media, Dink's name was familiar... Continue reading

  7. Behind the News

    In Baltimore, Sun Shines On “Ground Rent” Outrage

    December 18, 2006 01:17 PM

    Last week the Baltimore Sun ran a three-part series that examined an archaic law that has been used by some investors to seize homes from their owners, for debts as little as $24. While the homeowners rightfully... Continue reading

  8. Behind the News

    The Al Jazeera Worldview, Now in English

    November 16, 2006 04:04 PM

    Al Jazeera's English-language channel launched yesterday as (AJE) Al-Jazeera English, not Al-Jazeera International as previously hyped. While viewers around the world were able to watch the glossy production on their televisions via satellite and cable, Americans for the most... Continue reading

  9. Behind the News

    Child Pornography: To See, or Not to See?

    September 21, 2006 03:15 PM

    Writing in Salon on August 24, Debbie Nathan wanted to start a conversation about child pornography. She raised the question: How can journalists report on child pornography when it is a crime to even look at such images? Nathan argued... Continue reading

  10. Politics

    What’s in a Name?

    September 6, 2006 02:51 PM

    The recent resurgence of the term "Islamofascism" raises a key question: What should journalists do when sources -- especially those as significant as the president and his cabinet members -- persistently employ propagandistic language? "Islamofascism" has occasionally popped... Continue reading

  11. Behind the News

    There’s a PR War Going On in the Middle East Too

    August 14, 2006 10:15 AM

    The war for public opinion may not be as deadly as the military one being waged on Lebanese and Israeli soil, but it is surely more bizarre. Alarmed at what it perceives as a pro-Lebanese bias in the... Continue reading

  12. Behind the News

    When All the World’s a Stage, Every Camera Is a Weapon

    August 3, 2006 01:00 PM

    A new front opens every day in the current Middle East war, including propaganda flare-ups in which new and unexpected participants join the fray, eager to partake in the PR campaign for Western hearts and minds. A... Continue reading

  13. Bio

    Alia Malek

    Alia Malek is an assistant editor at CJR.

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